83 Commits (pylinphone)

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sqozz e5b6321135 Remove vim temporary files 2 years ago
sqozz 761fecf519 supply call id to answer function 2 years ago
sqozz 0fb653737e Add improved Wählscheiben logic 3 years ago
sqozz 129c462fd8 Add improved Wählscheibe 3 years ago
sqozz 1353894ad6 Add number plate svg 3 years ago
sqozz a658ee881f Remove debug border 3 years ago
sqozz 2c63e73169 Add finger limiter on website 3 years ago
sqozz 99d08b18f8 Add web Wählscheibe 3 years ago
sqozz 947639b62e Fix statemachine 3 years ago
sqozz a74f7f19cf Add ring event for webinterface 3 years ago
sqozz 8826ca6fb1 Add remote number reading 3 years ago
sqozz 522879216a Add state json for javascript 3 years ago
sqozz dc10240c2d Implement first event for javascript 3 years ago
sqozz 885df2f4fe Add state class hooks 3 years ago
sqozz e228c2ac53 Event override test 3 years ago
sqozz 24848c9afb Add callback from statemachine to update webinterface status 3 years ago
sqozz ccb76fd306 Move webinterface, add websockets, more PoC code 3 years ago
sqozz 9878acd9b6 Add first "Hello World" webinterface 3 years ago
Fr3deric 61da307aa2 update documentation 3 years ago
Fr3deric 42bbf89a57 pass linphone config via `--factory-config` 3 years ago
Fr3deric f8d32c09a7 specify WorkingDirectory 3 years ago
Fr3deric d50a691252 Merge branch 'pylinphone' of https://git.blinkenbunt.org/LUG-Saar/fetapi into pylinphone 3 years ago
Fr3deric a05d547b1b add fetapd.service and some setup instructions 3 years ago
klonfish 52cff1474e Update function calls to pylinphone interface 3 years ago
klonfish 7e3d5a0b9d Update callbacks for pylinphone interface 3 years ago
klonfish d0b3fc4780 Fix account registration with linphone 3 years ago
klonfish 4f88ff760f Use linphone socket in sid chroot 3 years ago
klonfish 987359d1ad Update linphone imports 3 years ago
klonfish f3418971e6 Re-add callback registrations
Those where lost in c5d305295b.
3 years ago
Fr3deric 02fa43566e add pylinphone as submodule 3 years ago
Fr3deric cb4156ec5f add systemd service for linphone-daemon 3 years ago
Fr3deric a57c1e42a0 fix wrong variable name 3 years ago
Fr3deric 834233ac17 various Python 3 adjustments 3 years ago
klonfish c882bcd59f Merge pull request 'Replace linphone with pylinphone' (#1) from sqozz/fetapi:pylinphone into pylinphone
Reviewed-on: https://git.blinkenbunt.org/LUG-Saar/fetapi/pulls/1
3 years ago
Frederic 3e0b570c85 add README.md 3 years ago
sqozz 579defbb7c Replace linphone with pylinphone 3 years ago
Frederic 2bdf0f7485 removed obsolete test file, cosmetics 7 years ago
Frederic c21b6f9e96 removed @property functions 7 years ago
Frederic 937ac41eac added some ascii art 7 years ago
Frederic c5d305295b moved statemachine-related code to statemachine.py 7 years ago
klonfish 60c899edcc Reindented files to consistenlty use 4 spaces and removed trailing whitespaces 7 years ago
klonfish 4e54528082 Renamed files to not include 'test' anymore 7 years ago
sqozz 4cf172e928 Remove deprecated files 7 years ago
klonfish b62f45f166 Added compatibility for versions greater than 3.8.x 8 years ago
klonfish a6a82cfd87 Added blacklist feature 8 years ago
Frederic 7730762f87 Merge branch 'master' of git.13e7.de:fetap 8 years ago
klonfish ace97d5657 Added config option to invert the Gabelschalter input 8 years ago
klonfish 9d3c8b8a30 Cut prefix from dialed number before calling it 8 years ago
Frederic d57955c20f Merge branch 'master' of git.13e7.de:fetap 9 years ago
klonfish 8417b33371 Added some comments to example config 9 years ago