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  sqozz eda9cae667 Fix handling of empty requests 2 years ago
  sqozz 810f922927 Fix typo 2 years ago
  sqozz 7def769bbb Merge branch 'tests' 2 years ago
  sqozz 154df1af2b Fix url input and mark it as required 2 years ago
  sqozz c347d53e1a Add test for empty urls 2 years ago
  sqozz f74aedc547 Remove old tests 2 years ago
  sqozz 51e8e32dee Add resolve test 2 years ago
  sqozz da3f6f5d02 Add test messages on fail 2 years ago
  sqozz 76a9d2f268 Fix tests to base on one common test 2 years ago
  sqozz 07ba6a0f17 Fix escaping of displayed URLs 2 years ago
  sqozz 5c7b089080 Split tests by cases 2 years ago
  sqozz b98c189f7c Fix requests with empty wish-URLs 2 years ago
  sqozz ef113b907f Extend wish-URL test 2 years ago
  sqozz 9d9b591cff Extend basic entry page test 2 years ago
  sqozz d02c458e2a Add wishId as optional parameter to requests 2 years ago
  sqozz 867e177c90 Add simple function tests 2 years ago
  sqozz ae3ca5b0dc Add simple function test 2 years ago
  sqozz 264c6216eb Add vim magic line 2 years ago
  sqozz c5adc1e3fa Add escaping to displayed URLs 2 years ago
  Sqozz d736965dce typo in README.md fixed 4 years ago
  sqozz bad22a73ae Improved flexibility on different zoom and screen sizes 5 years ago
  sqozz 681157d4ec Improved API help and style 5 years ago
  sqozz 98fe49a761 Added a fancy github icon 5 years ago
  sqozz 40d053d552 Made github.com link clickable again 5 years ago
  sqozz c4a23d37c4 Filled the footer with life \o/ 5 years ago
  sqozz 96cce19ca5 Implemented inspection mode by appending + on a short url. 5 years ago
  sqozz fb1f17a49c Added footer 5 years ago
  sqozz 97b906730b Some code cleanups 5 years ago
  sqozz 99b747d4ba Auto prepend the default scheme (http://) before redirect 5 years ago
  Sqozz c1a88ad9d6 Update README.md 5 years ago
  Sqozz 1547fdb95a Update README.md 5 years ago
  sqozz 755c539960 Created empty data folder 5 years ago
  sqozz be7a5142f4 Merge branch 'cfr34k-fastcgi' 5 years ago
  sqozz f5e4b02997 Merge branch 'fastcgi' of https://github.com/cfr34k/schort into cfr34k-fastcgi 5 years ago
  sqozz ae96b0c268 Added wsgi script 5 years ago
  sqozz 072321dcbe Changed title and button 5 years ago
  Thomas Kolb 89b0b7ed71 Added FastCGI wrapper based on flipflop 5 years ago
  Thomas Kolb 2ef757b74b Moved database to subdirectory "data" 5 years ago
  sqozz 383643bdca Changed redirect from temporary (302) to permanent (301) 5 years ago
  sqozz e804ffa917 Disabled debug 5 years ago
  sqozz 3cc6ba100e Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Sqozz/schort 5 years ago
  Sqozz 98d07cc5e3 Initial commit 5 years ago
  sqozz 4bded71540 renamed shortener 5 years ago
  sqozz 455c199f05 Don't show a message on main site 5 years ago
  sqozz 23a162b71d Implemented code that generates IDs out of long urls 5 years ago
  sqozz 551d9e1cce Initial partial working commit 5 years ago