A script to fetch and convert dates from the "Abfallnavi" (https://www.regioit.de/produkte-leistungen/entsorgung/abfallapp-abfallnavi/) into ical files
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This script fetches data from the "Abfallnavi" application developed by "regio iT" (https://www.regioit.de/produkte-leistungen/entsorgung/abfallapp-abfallnavi/) and converts it into ical files to import them in any regular calendar software. It is currently tested and used in Nuremberg.

Other cities which could be supported in the future:


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Setup a python virtualenv with virtualenv venv and activate it with . ./venv/bin/activate
  3. Install requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Run the generator: python generate_ical.py