home-assistant component for 2011 LG TVs
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  1. Enter your venv and cd into your site-packages directory e.g. $ cd lib/python3.8/site-packages/
  2. Clone the python_lgtv dependency from https://git.geekify.de/sqozz/python-lgtv into python_lgtv:
git clone http://git.geekify.de/sqozz/python-lgtv.git python_lgtv
  1. From the site-packages directory go into your home-assistant component directory: $ cd homeassistant/components/
  2. Clone this directory to make the component availible to homeassistant: git clone http://git.geekify.de/sqozz/lg_2011.git
  3. Configure the component in your configuration.yaml:
- platform: lg_2011
  host: "lgtv.lan"
  access_token: ABCDEF

(The token does not change. You can extract it by using the android app or the python-lgtv script itself.)