python library which can talk with Voltcraft SEM6000
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# SEM6000 Python Library
SEM6000 is a energy meter and power switch with Bluetooth 4.0.
This library provides a Python module for these devices
## Run the example code
5 years ago
$ git clone … sem6000
$ cd sem6000
$ virtualenv -p python3 python3_venv
$ . ./python3_venv/bin/activate
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3
## Collectd Plugin
You can find a Plugin for [collectd]( in the `collectd`
Installation procedure (the target directory may be changed of course):
# mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/collectd/python
# cp collectd/ /usr/local/lib/collectd/python
# cp /usr/local/lib/collectd/python
Add or adjust the configuration for your collectd’s Python plugin as follows:
<Plugin python>
ModulePath "/usr/local/share/collectd/python"
LogTraces true
Interactive false
Import "collectd_sem6000"
<Module collectd_sem6000>
Address "12:34:56:78:90:ab"
SocketName "FirstSocket"
ReadTimeout 30
SuspendTime 300
<Module collectd_sem6000>
Address "ab:cd:ef:13:37:42"
SocketName "ASecondSocket"
# ...
`ReadTimeout` and `SuspendTime` control what’s happening when a device is
unavailable. If no value could be retrieved for `ReadTimeout` seconds, the
plugin does not retry for `SuspendTime` seconds. After that, normal operation
is resumed. This procedure ensures that an unreachable device does not block
other devices (too often) in the current single-threaded architecture.
If not specified, `ReadTimeout` is 30 seconds and `SuspendTime` is 5 minutes.
Make sure that everything listed in `requirements.txt` is available to the user
running collectd.