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@ -6,6 +6,9 @@ It was mainly developed to "follow" several youtube DJs and download their mixes
Adjust the `config.ini` and point `mixes_dir` to the parent folder where all your downloads should be synced to. Inside this folder you can place several subfolders containing a `url.txt` file.
The tool will find all of these files and pass the first line of it alongside with other options you define in `options` to `youtube-dl`.
### url.txt considerations
Be aware that `youtube-dl` maybe downloads more then you expect. E.g. if you just put in a YouTube channel url (<channel_name>) it will also download playlists created by this account (possibly referencing videos/music from other accounts). To avoid this you have to specify the exact location. For uploads of one single channel only you can add e.g. `<channel_name>/videos`.
### Auto update for MPD
If you want to update MPD automatically you can set `update=True` and define the `mpd_root`. `mpd_root` should be the same as your `music_directory` in `/etc/mpd.conf`.